On Valentine’s Day night, February 14, a group from our ministry headed to a place in Metro Manila known as Pasay City. There were 10 in our group and our purpose in going to Pasay was to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the standards of God to the people in one of the wickedest areas of Manila. Pasay City is known for its bars, beer-houses, prostitution places and “short time hotels.” It is a place that has a reputation for every type of sin. Valentine’s Day is a particularly active time for immorality in Pasay City and hence the reason for us going there to preach the Word. Pasay City certainly lived up to its reputation as we spent over 6 hours on the street until after midnight challenging people concerning the Word of God.

Pasay City is a place set-up for sin. In Pasay City there are numerous “short time hotels.” A short time hotel is a hotel in which you can rent a room for only 2 or 3 hours. Now why in the world would anyone need to get a hotel room for only 2 hours? The answer is sexual immorality. Prostitutes and their customers are regulars at these hotels. Also unmarried, boyfriend/girlfriend couples flock to the “short time hotels” to engage in illicit sex. Married men also bring their “number 2 girl/mistress” to these hotels for adultery. Homosexual couples, as well, are regular customers at these hotels. The business at “short time hotels” booms on Valentine’s Day night.

Our group of evangelists was “armed” with various scripture signs. A majority of the signs had things like the following written on them: “Warning, God Will Judge The Sexually Immoral. Hebrews 13:4,” and “Sex Before Marriage Is Sin.” We also had tracts with us to distribute to people. Our tract title was, “SEX IS FOR MARRIED COUPLES ONLY!” Then the tract had a list of the various sexual sins. On the back of the tract there was more information concerning the Gospel. We also preached specifically against the variety of sexual sins. It ended up being an unforgettable night.

The later it got, the more the sin in the area increased. Our group of 10 was divided into 2 smaller groups of 5 each. The group I was with ended up being based very near the entrance of a short time hotel. The wickedness there was amazing. Prostitutes were all over the place. They were basically on all sides of us. Just in our little area there were at least 15 to 20 prostitutes.  Pimps were just about as numerous as the prostitutes. The pimps (who were usually male) would approach almost every single guy that would walk by and offer the guy a girl. The pimps would literally point out the girls standing along the alley…pick your own prostitute. It was so wicked. “Couples” were continually going into the short time hotel just in front of us for illicit sex. Another person was selling condoms to the prostitutes, “customers” and “couples.” I was amazed at how bold the pimps and the prostitutes were. It seemed that none of them had any shame whatsoever. It was absolutely incredible. On a side note, we saw one policeman the whole time we were in that area and it seems all the prostitutes knew the name of that police officer!

In the midst of this filth, we stood with our signs, preached and shared and gave out tracts. We were attempting to be light in the midst of much darkness. It wasn’t easy. It was a real spiritual battle. There was resistance to our preaching and sharing. But good things did happen while we were there. I recall one instance in which a pimp approached a guy offering the man a prostitute. I began preaching the standards of God. The guy would look at the pimp and then he would look at me. It seemed like a battle was going on in his soul. I told the guy not to listen to the pimp. I challenged the pimp to repent. The guy ended up hanging around and he listened to me preach for a good while. I don’t think he went off with a prostitute. You could tell other people were also getting convicted by the Word of God. Another person in our group named Paul spent a considerable time counselling and praying with a guy who came under conviction. This man went there to get a prostitute but then he heard the preaching and sharing. The next thing you know, the guy was confessing his sins and Paul was praying for him. A number of people gladly received our tracts. One man came back and requested more of our tracts so that he could give them to his co-workers. My cell phone numbers are on the back of the tracts and I have had some people text me wanting more information concerning spiritual things. Seeds were sown. The Word of God was proclaimed and planted and friends, that Word will not come back void.

The pimps and prostitutes and “short time hotel” were not happy that we were there. We were affecting their “business.” Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year for the “sex industry” and here we were messing up the business! While we were in the area the number of “customers” dropped. One prostitute commenced to chasing one of the guys in our group and tried to grab his “you know what.” It was really evil what she did. It also seems there was a tie-in between the short time hotel and the pimps and prostitutes. The hotel security guard appeared to call the hotel owner/management to try to find out what to do with us. As it neared midnight, one homosexual pimp simply went crazy and became violent. He ended up standing directly in front of me and Josh (Josh is a visitor we have now with us from Eastman, Georgia).  The pimp was shouting and calling us false prophets. He went on and on about how were destroying their business of selling girls. He said they had few customers that night and that they should have had many. We were the cause of the “lack of business.” This guy’s eyes were bulging. I think he might have had demonic influence. This wild-eyed pimp then stood beside Jec while she was proclaiming the Gospel and threatened to push her off the stairs (which were kind of high). His threat was real. He also got in the face of Roselyn and shouted and screamed at her. The pimp picked up a large rock and threw it. Roselyn thought that he might also have gotten some type of weapon (knife, etc). He was going crazy. Then he came back to where me and Josh were at. He loudly kicked a nearby door. We had no idea what he would do next, so we began to pull out of that area. The pimp followed us shouting and screaming. His target was me. :) I headed to a nearby McDonalds with the pimp following closely behind. I went into McDonalds and the security guards at McDonalds restrained the pimp to keep him from coming in and attacking me. It is good that the McDonalds in the Philippines usually have security guards at their door.

We eventually got the others in our group into McDonalds and we waited there for a little while until the pimp cleared out. After that we went and joined our other team. The other group had been sharing the Word of God in front of other prostitution places. They had a lot of stories of their own. After another 30 minutes of ministry, we decided it was time to eat and head home. A meal at another 24 hour McDonalds refreshed us physically and we made our way back to our place in Dasmarinas, Cavite. We arrived home at 3:00 in the morning. We were exhausted but full of the joy of the Lord because we were able to accomplish His purposes and share the Word of God in the midst of a wicked and dark place like Pasay City. We were also thankful for God’s protection. God had been with us even in a very difficult place and situation.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to share the Word of God here in the Philippines in a variety of places; even exceedingly wicked places like Pasay City. God bless you all!

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