Gospel Rejected

Ezekiel 2:7 – “You must speak My Words to them, whether they listen or fail to listen, for they are rebellious.”

Over the past several weeks, God has been moving in my heart concerning this passage of scripture. This was God’s call to Ezekiel. God commanded Ezekiel to speak His Word to the people no matter what their response would be. It didn’t matter if they listened or failed to listen. Ezekiel’s job was the same; to speak the Word of God. As it turns out, a majority of the folks ignored Ezekiel’s message. Still Ezekiel’s responsibility was to be faithful to the task that God had given him.

As I considered God’s call to Ezekiel, I realized that God has basically given the same type of call to Christians. We are commanded to share the Gospel with the whole world. (Mark 16:15).  We are to do this no matter what the response of the people is. The reality is most people reject the Gospel. And, naturally, it is not easy to face rejection. In fact it is a very hard thing to do. Yet, if we are to be faithful to the call to share the Gospel; we must be willing to face rejection.

A few days ago I went to a local coffee shop to spend some time in prayer. I regularly go to coffee shops specifically to pray and read the Word because they are some of the few quiet places in our town. Coffee shops typically have air conditioners, as well, and that makes them peaceful, relaxing places to pray at. After spending some time at the coffee shop, I walked to a nearby busy street corner. There were a lot of people walking in this area and I decided to spend time simply handing out Gospel tracts. I stood there on the corner with a pile of tracts and offered them to people as they would pass by me. Quite a few people received the tracts but a number of folks totally rejected them. From the look on their faces, you would have thought I was handing out cow manure or cyanide capsules. People didn’t even want to look at the tract. When people would reject the tract, inside I would cringe a little bit. Yet I would still try to smile and sometimes silently pray. There was really nothing I could do about their response or rejection. I couldn’t make them take the tract. All I could do was to offer it to them. Such is the life of a person who shares the Gospel.

I continued giving out tracts for over an hour. My guess is that maybe 40 percent of the people rejected the tract. But, praise God for those 60 percent who accepted the tract. There were also some people who actually approached me and requested a copy of the tract. One man got a copy, sat down and read it and then came back and requested a few more copies so he could give to his friends.

I believe the fear of rejection is a hindrance that keeps many Christians from sharing the Gospel as they should. But folks, if you are going to be involved in sharing the Gospel, you had better get ready to face rejection.  Don’t fear rejection; expect it and face it. It will happen. It might even happen a lot. Yet the fact of rejection should not keep us from sharing the Gospel. We should share the Word of God with people whether they listen or fail to listen.  Amen and Amen!

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