Someone Is Waiting….

I had several other ideas in my mind for this week’s Manna column, but just as I was about to start writing, this topic came into my thoughts. My prayer is that the Lord would speak to some of you through today’s column. Folks, someone is waiting for you.

II Timothy 4:16 – At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me. May it not be held against them.

Paul was at a time of need in his life. He had been imprisoned for preaching the Gospel. He had to face a trial. He needed someone to help him. Actually he needed many to help him. Yet, everyone deserted Paul. No one came to assist him in his point of need. Paul was waiting, but no one came.

May I suggest to you my friends that this very day someone is also waiting for you. There is a person or people somewhere that need you and they need you now. As Paul was waiting for someone to assist help him; there is a person waiting for you to help them. Will you take action? Will you do it now?

Someone is waiting for you to visit them. They are either in the hospital, the nursing home or even in their own house. They are lonely and down and out. They are longing that someone would come and see them. They are waiting for you. But you have many excuses for not going. You say there is just not enough time. Or you think, “That is the job of the preacher.”  In your mind, you reason, “One day I will go and see them.” But that “one day” never seems to come. So the person continues to wait, so lonely and depressed. Waiting for you to come, but you don’t take action. You keep delaying. Will you get up and go now? Why are you so slow? Must the people who need you, wait continually? Friends, could it be that someone is waiting desperately for you to visit them? Go now!

Someone is waiting for you to write them. It seems the days of writing letters and sending cards have become a thing of the past. Even with high speed internet and email and all the modern communication, most people still have great problems in writing a simple letter. But you know what? Someone is waiting for you to write them. They need a word of encouragement. They need an exhortation which will help them get through a difficult time in their life. They crave to hear from someone; to get a card, a letter, an email. Each day they look in their mail box but there is no letter there. Each day they open their email box but all they find is junk mail. Someone is waiting for you to write them. Can’t you find the time to send a simple letter? Is it too hard of a thing for you to compose a few sentences of encouragement and stick it in the mail? Friends, someone is waiting for you to write them. Will you do that today?

Finally, someone is waiting for your financial or material help. They are in a tight situation financially. They are wondering how they will make ends meet. They are about to give up hope. They are filled with anxiety about their future. They are waiting for someone to offer assistance. They are waiting for you. Will you help them? Will you take your surplus and be a blessing to another who has a shortage? Friends, someone is waiting for your help. Will you take action today?

Friends, someone is waiting. Let us take action today! Amen and Amen!

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